Excursion with the winners of the TdF case study “Quality management in casting” to DOERING GmbH


As part of the case study “Quality management in casting” proposed in the course “Technology of manufacturing processes”, the excursion to the partner company DOERING GmbH in Sinn took place on 5th December 2017. The winning group presented some solutions to ensure the quality of a cast part. The manufacturing process was considered in its entirety, from model production and embedding the model to casting.

During the subsequent plant inspection, the students were able to observe the production line and received interesting insights into the industrial daily routine of a casting company.

The PtU and the participating students would like to thank DOERING GmbH and especially Mr. Cloos and Mr. Weiser for the excursion and the support in the case study.

Case studies are tasks that are performed voluntarily by teams of students attending to the lecture “Technology of Manufacturing Processes”. The tasks are developed in cooperation with companies. This enables mechanical engineering students to gain experience in industrial applications related to the topics studied in the first semester and to gain an initial insight into possible areas of their future professional field.