The desk of the subprojects


On the 20 th and 21 st of April 2017, the first internal workshop within the third funding period was held in Grasellenbach. This was the ninth 2-day workshop of the SFB 805. In order to ensure a good start into the third funding period as well as to promote close cooperation within the subprojects, a “look at the desk” of each subproject was made.

On the first day of the workshop, the scientific staff of each project presented their current activities and gave insights into their “desk”. A subsequent plenum discussion followed to review the research path and to correct it if necessary. In addition, the contents of the three new work groups “Data-induced Conflicts”, “Model Uncertainty” and “Resiliency” has been sharpened furthermore. The aim was to promote an even deeper cooperation within the framework of the three working groups for the third funding period. A subsequent group work in the respective groups was used to specify the discussed topics and its timeframe.

The topic of the second day was characterized by the alliances. On the basis of the outcome of the first day the proposed alliances where reflected critically and sharpened for the ongoing third period. The staff of the staff seminar organization, the staff representatives as well as the members of the equality team of the SFB 805 was elected on the second day also due to numerous personnel changes.