SPP 1640 | Workshop Review

November 25, 2015 | Hanau


On 25 th November PtU organized a workshop within the priority program “joining by plastic deformation”, which is also coordinated by PtU. The workshop focussed the discussion on the topics of future research activities, especially concerning the further development of the processes with respect to their industrial applicability.

Thus, not only have all research assistants and professors of the particular projects been invited, but also, from industrial companies, in total 16 participants which work in the field of (joining) process development. The conference hotel “Villa Stokkum” in Hanau provided the atmosphere for the altogether 60 attendees discussing and identifying open questions and challenges concerning reproducibility, process robustness, quality assurance and material combinations. In the late afternoon, the day ended with the visitation of a company and a common dinner.

Impressions from the Workshop


The Priority Program

The priority program 1640 is funded by the German Research Foundation and started in late 2012 with the first of overall three phases with a duration of two years each. In total, 16 research projects with the participation of 25 research institutions throughout Germany are combined in this program. All institutions work on joining by plastic deformation and cover various science disciplines. Processes represented within the priority program are, among others: Clinching, friction stir welding, roll cladding and electromagnetic pulse welding.

Further information on the priority program and the individual projects is provided on the internet: www.spp1640.tu-darmstadt.de.