The student competition »Stahl fliegt« took place on June 16th and 17th in Düsseldorf


60 students in 15 teams from six German universities competed for the longest possible flight with an aircraft entirely made of steel.

On the day before the competition, all teams presented their planes and their manufacturing processes at the RWTH Aachen university. After visiting the test field of the ibf, the day ended with a barbecue together with all teams and the organizers. As venue for the flights on the next day, the exhibition hall 6 in Düsseldorf was chosen. The planes where launched from a height of about 9 meters. Besides a maximum weight of 400 grams, the planes have to fit into a cube with an edge length of one meter and must carry a screw nut as payload. The maximum budget for each team was 300,– €. For the first time in the history of this competition, the planes started in two categories: driven and non-driven. In the category of driven aircrafts, team Darmstadt 3 won the competition. The teams Darmstadt 1 and Darmstadt 2 took the places four and five in the non-driven category. Winner of this category was a team of Dortmund with a flight time of 17.2 seconds, and a weight of the aircraft of 82.5 grams.

The competition is organized by the Institute of Metal Forming (ibf) in Aachen and financially supported by the FOSTA (Research Association for Steel Application).