Excursion with the case study winners »Planning a factory« to Roemheld GmbH


The Roemheld Group is located in Laubach/Hess and was founded in 1879. Today Roemheld employs about 460 personnel. Beside a foundry, the main operating area is the manufacturing of lift columns and clamping systems.

In the case study „Planning a factory“ in context of the lecture „Technology of manufacturing processes” the students of the first semester got the task to arrange a new process chain for the assembling of lift columns in an existing production hall. The chief task was to arrange the single work stations in a most efficient way. Next to short transportation routes the Kanban principle should be implemented. Further decision criterions among others were the physical separation of the chipping manufacturing from the assembling and the paint shop as well as sufficiently dimensioned transport routes.

The best three participant groups were invited in January 2015 to visit the existing process at Roemheld. Beside the visit of the production, the assembling and the paint shop the students got the possibility to present and discuss their elaborations to the management.

We would like to thank the Roemheld GmbH for the excellent hospitality and the pleasant conversations. Special thanks are directed to Mr. Rackerseder and Mr. Zimmer for the personal support. Additionally we would like to thank the student-based management consultancy Junior-Comtec who mainly created the study case.