New high-speed press at the PtU


Since April 2014, the company BRUDERER AG provides a high performance stamping press BSTA 810-145 at the PtU. The system is a mechanical high speed press with a nominal force of 810 kN. The maximum stroke rates are between 100 and 1,000 strokes per minute and the adjustable stroke is up to 63 mm.

Due to that loan, highly dynamic processes like stamping and forming operations can be analyzed at the institute. Furthermore, the use of a high-speed press is essential for studies of progressive tools. Due to the achievable high stroke rates of up to 1,000 strokes per minute, it is possible to investigate dynamic effects in shear cutting or deep drawing. In addition to the actual press, the BRUDERER AG also provides a suitable servo feed unit (BSV300). This unit allows the PtU to run long-term experiments and thus to analyze wear mechanisms. Especially investigations of wear mechanisms and dynamic tool behavior during shear cutting processes of composite materials are in the focus of the research.

Furthermore, it is planned to investigate the interface tool-press. Due to the high achievable processing speed of the press, it is necessary to consider dynamic effects for clamping situations. Another aim of experiments with this press is to develop a process chain that enables grain refining and continuous production of highly textured magnetically anisotropic samples. (LOEWE-Focus RESPONSE)

The PtU sincerely thanks the BRUDERER AG for the loan of the high-speed press BSTA 810-145.