New laser machining center at the PtU


Since April 2014 the PtU is a proud owner of a new laser machining center with YLS-300-S2T laser (IGP) as beam source.

The laser machining center replaces the old machining center due to its lack of laser output and positioning accuracy. The main field of application for the center is the preparation and production of samples and semi-finished parts for further usage in different test stands. Furthermore, an integration of the laser machining center into the continuous linear flow splitting line of the institute is planned in order to enable an inline welding of bifurcated profiles. These projects require high precision in 2D and 3D cutting and welding of blanks and components.

The fiber laser generates a maximum laser output of 3,000 W, ensuring a beam parameter product of 3.5 mm*mrad (100 µ fiber), respectively 7.5 mm*mrad (200 µ fiber). The beam guidance to the HP SSL Plus cutting head, respectively the Modular Welding Optics AP44 (MWO44), is enabled by fiber optics. Both machining optics are mounted to a robot gantry RLP16-26 (Reis Robotics) which allows machining operations at user-defined positions. Two different modes are selectable for the laser machining center.

Mode I (closed cabin) facilitates flexible cutting of blanks or 3D components as well as welding operations for research projects of the PtU or teaching classes. Mode II (open cabin) integrates the laser machining center into the linear flow splitting process of the CRC 666.

The PtU sincerely thanks the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the TU Darmstadt for their financial support during the acquisition of the laser machining center.