Erweiterung einer 3-Achs Portalanlage für das inkrementelle Umformen von nachhaltigen faserbasierter Werkstoffe (HIWI Einstellung möglich)

Expansion of a 3-axis portal system for incremental forming of sustainable fiber-based materials

Study-Thesis (Diploma), Advanced Design Project (ADP)

The growing relevance of sustainable and resource-saving materials motivates research with fiber-based materials. Areas of application include the packaging industry and lightweight structural engineering. At PtU, a 3-axis gantry system was put into operation to investigate the formability of sustainable fiber materials such as paper and vulcanized fiber. This allows the SPIF (Single Point Incremental Forming) process to be used and thus the continuous and freely programmable forming of the materials to be investigated.

For the existing test stand at the PtU, a new semi-finished product fixture as well as a movable counter-holder plate are to be developed and designed in cooperation with the mechanical workshop. The exact contents, as well as specific work packages can be discussed in more detail in a personal meeting.

The necessary arrangements to implement the work on site in compliance with hygiene measures will be made.

Subsequent employment as a HiWi is possible after completion of the work.

Research method

Experimental, constructive