Dr.-Ing. Ezgi Bütev Öcal

Since 2020, Post-Doc researcher at the Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines.


L1|01 147
Otto-Berndt-Straße 2
64287 Darmstadt

+49 6151-16-233185

1989 Born in Ankara, Turkey
2003-2007 Gazi Anatolian High School, Ankara, Turkey
2007-2012 Bachelor studies – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, METU, Turkey
2012-2015 Master studies – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, METU, Turkey
2015-2020 Doctoral studies – Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, METU, Turkey
ALLEGRO – High-performance components made of aluminium alloys through resource-optimized process technologies
TÜBİTAK 118M791 – Development and characterization of Ti6Al7Nb-Mg alloy composite’s interface characteristics
TÜBİTAK 112M341 – Surface Activation of Porous Ti6Al7Nb Implant Alloys by Hydrothermal Methods for Biomedical Applications and Their Characterization
Corrosion behaviours of Ti6Al4V-Mg/Mg-Alloy composites Corrosion Science, 2020, (166), 108470
Comparison of the short and long-term degradation behaviors of as-cast pure Mg, AZ91 and WE43 alloys Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2020, (241), 122350
A Novel Approach for Synthesis of Monticellite Based Bioactive Ceramic Powders from Boron Derivative Waste Materials Letters, 2017, 315–318
Surface Characteristic and in-vitro behavior of hydrothermally treated bulk Ti6Al7Nb alloys Surface and Coatings Technology, 2017, (309), 829-839
A comparative study on biodegradation and mechanical properties of pressureless infiltrated Ti/Ti6Al4V-Mg composites Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2016, (63), 273-286
Characterization of Ti6Al7Nb alloy foams surface treated in aqueous NaOH and CaCl2 solutions Journal of the Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials, 2016, (60), 127-138
In vitro bioactivity investigation of alkali treated Ti6Al7Nb alloy foams Applied Surface Science, 2015, (327), 437–443