Test Rig for Linear Guideways

A test rig was built at the PtU which allows the examination of different linear guides with respect to various issues.

Using a dynamic method of examination, based on methods of modal analysis, different parameters of linear guides can be determined. For example, stiffness and damping properties of linear guides that are not found in the conventional static tests, can be identified.

As part of a research project that was funded by the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) until April 2014, there was a constructive enlargement of the test rig. By a connecting rod system the linear motion is now converted into an oscillating pivoting movement. Thus, in addition to the linear guides, pivot bearings can be studied. The integration of a spring system or, alternatively, a stamping tool serves the purpose to apply defined test loads on the bearing. Eddy current displacement sensors allow the detection of the shaft displacement in the micrometer range. Using these parameters, the stiffness of the bearing can be determined.