Linear Motor Driven Press Version Limo40

The linear motor press type "Limo40" is a further development of the type "Limo20". It has twice the maximum and rated force and is also equipped with two linear motor feed units.

Picture: PtU Bildarchiv
Figure: Linear Motor Driven Press Version Limo40

In addition to the high static and dynamic load rigidity especially the innovative drive provides higher precision and more flexibility in the production. The displacement-time characteristic and the force-displacement course can be adjusted individually in each phase of the production process.

  • Maximum force: 40 kN
  • Nominal force: about 16 kN
  • vmax: 2 m / s2
  • amax: 150 m / s2
  • Stroke length (infinitely variable): 0 mm – 85 mm
  • Number of strokes: up to> 1800 1 / min
  • Ram surface: 490 mm x 200 mm
  • Table size: 520 mm x 400 mm
  • Total weight plate and Limo: 4,5 t