SCARA Placement System

The SCARA placement system at the PtU enables a fast assembling or positioning of different components. The entire system consisting of a friction wheel, a camera and a SCARA robot, is designed to be flexible. Therefore, it can be used in continuous forming processes (e.g. roll forming) or for discontinuous forming processes (e.g. press).

In a continuous forming process, a sheet metal with incorporated hole geometries passes through the placement system. In a camera field of 150 mm x 150 mm, the sheet metal is monitored by an image processing software in which the shape and position of the incoming hole geometries are evaluated by a blob algorithm. If hole geometries are detected on the continuous sheet metal which correspond to a previously defined shape, the position and speed data of the holes are transmitted to a SCARA robot via the robot control. The gripper system of the SCARA robot directly picks the element to be loaded (for example screws) from a pallet and places it in the robot working area on the continuously running sheet metal into the respective hole geometries in a process-secure manner. The mounting system is designed to be flexible with the distance or position of the individual hole geometry in longitudinal and transverse direction of the sheet metal arbitrarily designable.

Technical data

  • Reach: 650 mm
  • Z-stroke: 180 mm
  • Repeatability:
    • +/-0.015 mm (horizontal)
    • +/-0.010 mm (vertical)
  • Payload: 6 kg