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Head of PtU: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche
Head of PtU: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Peter Groche

The Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines is one of the departments of the faculty of mechanical engineering at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Today forming technology is one of the important industrial basic technologies and of enormous importance to our modern industrialized society. In research and teaching we thoroughly examine questions with regard to new processes and technologies as well as microscopic phenomena. We act within research areas such as new press technologies and production processes but at the same time link with fundamental research issues. I assume that we can offer you an attractive and comprehensive scope of information and hope you enjoy discovering the fascinating possibilities of forming technology.

You may, of course, contact us for any questions and suggestions. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.


  • 2014/09/18

    9th Roll Forming Conference and 5th Colloquium of SFB 666

    On the 19th and 20th November the 9th Roll Forming Conference will take place in Mörfelden-Walldorf in combination with the 5th Colloquium of SFB 666.

    Further informations:

  • 2014/11/27

    Hussmann Studies Award 2014

    The Hussmann thesis award was awarded for the second time in order to honor an outstanding thesis in the field of roll forming and flow splitting. go

  • 2014/11/11

    New high-speed press at the PtU

    Since April 2014, the company BRUDERER AG provides a high performance stamping press BSTA 810-145 at the PtU. The system is a mechanical high speed press with a nominal force of 810 kN. The maximum stroke rates are between 100 and 1,000 strokes per minute and the adjustable stroke is up to 63 mm. go

  • 2014/10/27

    Colloquium 2014

    On November 21th the second colloquium of the SFB 805 will take place in the science- and congresscenter “Darmstadtium” in Darmstadt. go

  • 2014/10/16

    Beginning of the second phase of the priority programme 1640

    In late 2014, the second phase of the priority programme 1640 “joining by plastic deformation”, which is coordinated by the PtU, will start. It is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and consists of 16 research projects. go

  • 2014/10/08

    Annual works outing 2014

    From September 15th to September 19th the biennially held workshop of the Institute for Production Engineering and Forming Machines took place in the university city of Ilmenau. Same as in the years before, a mixture of intense work units and teambuilding activities were scheduled at the workshop. go

  • 2014/09/24

    Annual works outing 2014

    On September 4th, 2014 the annual works outing was held. As always did not know what was planned for the day, except Prof. Groche and the organizers. go

  • 2014/09/10

    WGP Football Tournament

    Once again this year, the PtU participated at the WGP Football Tournament in collaboration with its partner Institute PTW and reached the 2nd place. go

  • 2014/09/02

    ICTMP 2014 | Conference Review

    »6th International Conference on Tribology in Manufacturing Processes & Joining by Plastic Deformation«

    June 22–24, 2014 | Darmstadt | Germany go

  • 2014/09/02

    New laser machining center at the PtU

    Since April 2014 the PtU is a proud owner of a new laser machining center with YLS-300-S2T laser (IGP) as beam source. go

  • 2014/09/01

    40-jähriges Dienstjubiläum

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 40-jährigen Dienstjubiläum wünschen wir Ingolf Kunz, stellvertretender Werkstattleiter des PTU und PTW.

    Wir danken Ihm für seinen treuen Einsatz und wünschen ihm für seine Zukunft alles erdenklich Gute. weiter

  • 2013/11/28

    Women in Engineering Professions

    A film by pupils for pupils.

    Female engineers from eight well-known companies answer questions.
    Play movie! go